The Old Testament

“Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, Jesus interpreted to them the things concerning himself in all the scriptures.”  St.Luke 24:27

What we call the “Old Testament” is the Bible that Jesus and his first followers knew. Without it we cannot properly understand him or his message.  It comes from times very different to our own and it challenges us in many ways, yet it also contains eternal truths and it is an essential part of our faith. Two weeks readings is hardly long enough to skim the surface but it gives an overview and provides a starting point for further reading in due course.  These fourteen chapters cover many hundreds of years of Israel’s history and they are as much concerned with understanding and interpreting God’s plan as with telling that story.  Although written by many different hands they are united by the conviction that “the Lord is King”

    Day 1   Genesis 1:  The story of creation

    Day 2   Genesis 3:  The origin of sin

    Day 3   Genesis 22:  Abraham and Isaac

    Day 4:  Exodus 3:  Moses encounter with God

    Day 5:  Exodus 20:  The gift of the Ten Commandments

    Day 6:  1 Samuel 17:  David and Goliath

    Day 7:  2 Samuel 11:  David and Bathsheba

    Day 8:  2 Samuel 12:  Nathan’s rebuke of the king

    Day 9:  1 Kings 18:  Elijah and the prophets of Baal

    Day 10: Job 38:  God’s answer to Job

    Day 11: Psalm 51:  A classic confession

    Day 12:  Isaiah 40:  Words of comfort from God

    Day 13:  Daniel 6:  Daniel and the lions

    Day  14:  Amos 4:  A prophet’s stern warning