The Life and Teaching of St.Paul

St.Paul’s dramatic conversion, his awareness of a personal call by God, his energy, his learning and his travelling combine to make him a central figure in the history of the Church.  St.Luke wrote about him in the Acts of the Apostles and we also have a number of letters which were written by Paul himself (although some letters that bear his name may not be by him).  We know that he died in the mid 60s AD so his letters are the earliest Christian writings.  Paul sometimes quotes hymns or creeds which were already being used in the early Church and some of his writing takes us very close to the time of Jesus himself and those who knew him.  His influence on Christian thinking arguably has been more significant than any other New Testament author.  These fourteen chapters give an overview of his life and his teaching.

    Day 1   Acts 9:  The conversion of Saul

   Day 2   Acts 16:  Paul is called to Macedonia and escapes from jail

   Day 3   Acts 17:  A missionary journey

   Day 4:  Acts 26:  Paul tells his life story

   Day 5:  Acts 27  Shipwrecked

   Day 6:  Acts 28  Paul in Rome

   Day 7:  Romans 3  Paul’s teaching in a nutshell

   Day 8:  Romans 7  Inner struggles

   Day 9:  Romans 8  Life in the Spirit

   Day 10: 1 Corinthians 13  The gift of Love

   Day 11: I Corinthians 15  The Resurrection

   Day 12:  Galatians 5  Freedom in Christ

   Day 13:  Ephesians 3  Paul’s summary of his mission

   Day  14:  Philippians 2  Imitating Christ